Series 1 (2010)

Overall No. No. In Season Episode Title Trivia
01 01 Why are pigs not able to snirk my flabergene? This episode served as the introduction of The Ginger Criminal, as well as all other characters in the show.
02 02 The one where we start sexting an el pprrojectino and never finish it. It is believed a producer had a stroke whilst naming this episode, and it was never fixed in post-production.
03 03 The one where we all kill people in the chat. This served as the series 1 closer, and originally drew a lot of controversy for killing off the main cast of the show. This decision was quickly reversed.

Season 2 (2011)

Following the great success of the first series of The Nerdinators, the show was picked up for an unprecedented 148 episode run. Tragically, most of these episodes are lost to time, and may never be recovered.

Overall No. No. In Season Episode Title Trivia
04 01 The one where George gets salty and leaves. The very first scene seen, where James folds a page in George's book, has been awarded with 'Most Rage Inducing Moment in TV' by the [REDACTED] comittee
82 79 The one where we start a Project and never finish it. This one was great becau
151 148 The one where We rebel and Luke kicks us all. This marked the end of the second season. It's believed the outing of Luke propelled the show to progress at a much faster rate.

Season 3 (2012)

Overall No. No. In Season Episode Title Trivia
149 01 The one where CallumBot just says Yermum jokes. This episode featured the word 'Yermum' a total of 723 times.
150 02 The one where Tumbleweeds take over. It cost the Nerdinators production staff $846182 to shoot the scene where the tumbleweeds take over.
151 03 The one with a Sexy Time Traveler. This is the episode in which Professor Carlo is revealed to be a Time Traveler. Oh, Spoiler Alert.

The one where Professor Carlo can’t find his Olive Oil, Oregano and Jetpack.

The one where Luke comes back, but not really.

The one where Matthew marries [REDACTED]

The one where opinions get fucked over.

The one where everyone dies of cancer.

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